Human-computer interaction platform
for the architecture industry

As a software based on Grasshopper, FUROBOT can perform synchronous simulation inRhinoceros while visually programming. With FUROBOT, architects can solve the technical problem of not being able to directly control building robots. The research and development of construction robot software can effectively lower the threshold of robot operation, so that architects, construction companies or ordinary construction workers can set the robot to perform different technological processes through simple operation.

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User Friendly

Three-minute quick start of 6DoF robot programming
Multiple Adaptations

Support a variety of robots, construction techniques and external tools
Real-time Control

Quick construction through parameterized control in design environment
Offline Programming

Customized and extended hardware library which can be shared with other users through .gha file
Command module contains commonly used general robot instructions, including velocity setting, axis angle, custom instructions, move, digital output, stop motion and wait instructions.
With these instructions, users can do most of the common work.
In the human-robot interaction scenario, users need communication to obtain the robot's state and sensor data. In FUROBOT, the communication functions of KUKA and ABB have been made available to users for free.
Now this module has preset 30 types of robots, from small robots with arm span of 900mm to heavy robots with arm span of 3.3m, including various commonly used models of ABB, KUKA and UR 6-axis robots, which can meet the needs of most people. If other 6-axis robots are needed, the parameters can be set in the custom hardware module.
Tech: Print
In the print series, FUROBOT's hierarchical printing tool has been opened to the public. Hierarchical printing is the most widely used robot construction technique. With this module, users can complete 3D printing of different materials such as plastic printing, concrete printing and clay printing.
Tech: Wood

FUROBOT has made the wood processing techniques of circular saw, drilling, turning and contour processing into the Grasshopper batteries, which are open to everyone for free.

Tech: Wind
Filament winding is a new cutting-edge technology. The implementation is based on the ordered anchor points and considering the collision between the tool and anchor point, in order to select the optimal winding path.
Tool | ExternalAxis
During operation, the robot itself needs to work with the tool head. In some scenarios, the robot and tool head need external axis and mobile platform to better complete the construction process. Considering the actual using scenario, FUROBOT integrates the hardware of these platforms so as to meet the needs of some large-scale construction. If the hardware needed is not in the preset, users can also choose custom hardware (including robot, external axis and mobile platform).
This module integrates some practical tools for robot programming, among which the most important one is rotation conversion tool. Because the rotation systems of ABB, KUKA and UR robots are different, the rotation data need transformation. FUROBOT's tools mainly include the mutual conversion of rotation formats (matrix, quaternion, axis angle, euler angle).
With the development of FUROBOT digital construction software platform, we found that the coupling of software and hardware functions is an increasing trend.
Under this trend, different users can develop their own hardware libraries or even technique packages, making simple sharing and collaboration no longer out of reach.
Technical Consulting: luming@fab-union.com