Inkstone House OCT Linpan Cultural Center | 2018


The Western Sichuan Plain has a long history and a unique Linpanlandscape. Linpan can be said to be a complex landscape model integratingproduction, life and landscape, whose life and architectural form have evolvedinto a cultural symbol in the long-term historical accumulation, deeplyimprinted in the folk customs of Western Sichuan. Linpan is not only thecarrier but also the crystallization of the traditional farming civilization ofWestern Sichuan. It is in harmony with the farming conditions, traditionalfarming methods and inhabitable lives here, playing an important role inmaintaining the ecological environment of the Western Sichuan Plain.

Inkstone House OCT Linpan Cultural Center in Anren, Sichuan islocated in the middle of the Linpan area of Anren Town, Dayi County, ChengduCity, Sichuan Province. It is adjacent to the Qimu River in the west andsurrounded by large fields and bamboo forests. The design tries to integrateinto the original natural landscape, continue the material and spatial elementsof the traditional buildings in Western Sichuan, explore the coexistence ofarchitectural culture, construction, and the combination of locality andemerging techniques under the guidance of structural performance-based approachesof digital fabrication, integrating local concepts and new technologies.

The construction logic under the performance-based design presents the characteristics of the “non-standard” and “gradient” group components, and the parametric connection of the data model to the geometric information, structural performance and construction information ensures the integration of the architectural design and construction. “Digital Brick Construction” continues the exploration of digital bricks fabrication by Archi-Union. Considering that the brick wall of Inkstone House OCT Linpan Cultural Center has a large area and a limited construction period, we have made innovative explorations on the digital brick wall process of “robot prefabrication + on-site assembly”. The construction process of the brick wall reflects the high efficiency of the robotic factory prefabrication and on-site assembly construction. The total area of the digital brick wall exceeds 1000m2, and it is divided into more than 400 units, and the single unit is 2-3 m2 each built by the robotics. Finally, the brick wall was prefabricated and built under factory prefabrication and on-site construction.

“Digital wood fabrication” is especially important for buildings with numbers of shaped components. The section of the roof structure and the steel-wood joints are perfectly and efficiently presented by milling. In the steel-wood structure construction process, based on the model data guidance, non-standard steel and wood components are prefabricated in the factory, and the on-site assembly is completed in less than one month, achieving good cost control. “Robotic plastic 3d printing fabrication” effectively uses renewable plastics. The customized mass production can be widely applied in the vast township scenes in China. In this project, this technique is widely used in indoor auxiliary structures, such as partition walls and furniture seats.

Inkstone House OCT Linpan Cultural Center in Anren, Sichuan realized the first composite application of various digital fabrication techniques in rural China. The wildness and delicacy coexist within the building, promoting the dialogue and blending of technology and culture, just as the temperament of the forest, and the ecological background of Linpan. This is also a continuation of the local soul. We hope that the experimental construction of this project will introduce the concept of intelligence, greenness and industrialization into new countryside, and provide a new annotation for the future construction of beautiful rural areas in China.


Service: Large Scale 3D Printing

Construction: 08. 2018 - 09. 2018

Location: Anren Town, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China