Open Positions

Digital Fabrication

R & D Engineer / Interns

| Job Description |

- Cooperate with the design team as well as third-party consultants, suppliers and other related professional parties to develop and improve novel robotic fabrication technology.

| Requirements |

-   Bachelor's Degree or above in digital fabrication related field.  Applicants with international academic and/ or professional experiences are preferred.

-   Strong interest in digital design and fabrication field. Applicants with digital fabrication related experiences are preferred.

-   Proficiency in Rhino and Grasshopper. Applicants with experience in Grasshopper component developing and coding are preferred.

- Strong design and research talent, ability to lead research projects independently.

- Excellent learning ability and communication skills.

How to apply

1. Please send your CV and portfolio as an attachment to

2. Please ensure your application is formatted as pdf documents with a maximum total file size of 10MB.

3. Please include educational, professional background, and contact info in your CV and indicate your name, the position you apply in the email subject line.

4. For interns, please indicate the start and end date of your internship period.

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