Over 14 Innovative Digital Crafts Fully covers the batch and customization needs of the construction industry

FAB-UNION redefines the robotic platform for building construction using a number of innovative technologies as a foundation. Currently, more than 15 types of tools for multi-material construction robots have been independently developed. These crafts facilitate mass customization, are low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and have been successfully applied to over 30 prominent projects with varying domestic and international scenarios. As the slogan "Fabricate for you" indicates, FAB- UNION will become the practitioner and leader of the construction industry's digitization, informatization, intelligence transformation, and upgrading.

Technical Advantage
Construct a comprehensive set of software, hardware, materials, structures, and construction process solutions

Integration Ability Advantage

Capable of facilitating the entire procedure, from planning and design to production and construction

Team Barrier Advantage
The technical team possesses solid practical skills. The management structure takes both process research and development and project efficiency into account.

 Maturity advantage

The practice team possesses industry-leading and mature solutions to ensure implementation of costeffective and mature process solutions.